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Reach your potential with CWF

Too often our potential is never actualized and negative habits and mindset conditioning cripple the journey to success. The progress to growth is achieved through positive action and a mental fortitude that is unbreakable. We work with you to develop the skills to grow both physically and mentally to attain your desired goals.



I’ve been everything I never wanted to be. I’ve been the version of myself I wish I wasn’t. I’ve been in the shoes of those who aren’t the version of themselves they wish they were.

I’ve been skinny
I’ve been unhealthy
I’ve partied 5 nights a week
I’ve eaten a shit diet
I’ve been in poor shape
I’ve had bad habits
I’ve been in a mentally bad place
I’ve been unhappy
I’ve been unmotivated
I’ve been broke
I’ve been unsuccessful

I now walk in a different pair of shoes, and so can you.

A plan, hard work, and discipline can achieve amazing things.



Christian Wall Fitness is focused on helping people reach their goals and realize their potential. Whether you are looking to get stronger, build muscle, lose weight, or train for a competition, we have the experience and expertise to help you.

Our services include online coaching, competition prep, nutrition coaching, and personal training. We focus on creating individualized plans that cater to each person’s lifestyle and goals. With us, you’ll find the motivation and support you need to achieve success.

Customized Training Program
6 Day Workout Split
4 Weekly Training Phases
Customized Macros for your goals/Nutrition

Body Tracking
In-App messaging
24/7 Support


A range of programs designed for various fitness goals. Daily habits included in the program to better optimize results

Customized Macros/Full Nutrition Plan 
Weekly Online Check-ins
Customised Daily Habits
Weekly Adjustments
24/7 Support

Customized Training Program
Weekly Check-ins
6 Day Workout Split
4 Weekly Training Phases

Customized Macros
Body Tracking
In-App messaging
24/7 Support


Grow Your Vision

Unlock Your Potential with Christian Wall Fitness Services


Booty Builder

Grow the Booty you have always wanted


You vs You, Strong

A program designed to increase size and strength 


Glow up, Sculpt

Become the leaner version of your best self 


Competition prep

Whether a beginner or athlete , your complete journey to the stage 


Introducing Bstrap

A new era of gym accessories!

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